This is a video documentation of the paper sculpture light installation: Death of a dress. First made in Cairo at “Form Through Light” exhibition in Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House 2017.
Then recreated in NYC with Sounds processed by Brian Moran from field recordings of Cairo.
Made with strips of ink stained parchment paper with a pulsating blue light from within. Death of a dress mourns the disappearance of summer dresses in Cairene streets. Wearing a summer dress becomes an act of resistance when 99% of Egyptian women are subjected to sexual harassment. this includes, verbal, chasing and physical sexual harassment and assault.
Created and produced by Shayma Aziz,
Sound by Brian Moran
Video edited by Haytham Saqr
The installation was hosted by The Park Church Co-op in Brookyn, NY & Creatrix Magazine in Dec 2019. in “Alters, Portals and Grottos Curated by Jana Astanov and Shayma Aziz.

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