Shayma Aziz

Internationally acclaimed artist Shayma Aziz is based in New York City, born in Egypt. Her work straddles urgent questions on female sexuality and representation of female-identifying bodies in public space and politics today, as well as disappearing natural landscapes amidst the alarming encroachment of climate change on our planet. Invested in sustaining contemporary dialogues with her peers, and excavating tools and aesthetics from her training in Ancient Egyptian drawings and murals, Shayma Aziz’s work is a unique amalgamation of the deep past and the eerie present. Her work has been exhibited globally including  Marseilles, Berlin, New York, Thessaloniki, Tehran, Beirut, Tunis, Terni, and Amsterdam among others. Between painting and sculpture, multimedia and installations, she has exhibited her large scale ink painting series “A state of body” was shown in 392 Rmeil 393 in Beirut, “Women in Black” an ink painting project at ZicoHouse Beirut that mourned the disappearance of female figures from public space in Arab cities, and “Death of a Dress” in Altars, Grottos and Portals multidisciplinary exhibition at the Park Church Co-op NYC combining audio-visual composition with the installation. Her New York Live Arts painting/performance live mural “At WAR(k)” at Live Ideas Festival looked at fallen bodies, the poetics of war murals and mass immigration between dreamers and drowning bodies while staging the live labour of the craft of mural making. Currently working on ‘To Bestialize Her’, a project that addresses female representation in art history and the public sphere. Recipient of multiple awards and residencies including Al Mawred Al Thaqafi, Centre d’Arte i Natura, L’officina Marseille, and is the 3rd prize winner at Caravan’s Global Mosaic exhibition 2019. Shayma Aziz continues to live in New York, and is working on a long term research project addressing minoritarian politics of representation and the making of the visual arts canon.